Wheel Hub for Power Window Motor


This wheel hub was designed to fit inside the Power window motors for sale by American Science & Surplus. They were originally for a Chrysler, but based on pictures I have seen of other assemblies, it looks like it might work in many modern motors based on the dorman design.


On the label on the motor, it says 402430 is the part number.

These will work in both left and right side motors. My purpose is to connect these to common lawnmower wheels for a robot platform. Included is an adapter to do so. But I have also included the sketchup source file and you can use the adapter as base for your own adapter. Share whatever you build!

The gear pops off these motors and are coupled by a rubber damper. Remove the gear and install this hub in its place. 2mm holes provided (2 per stud) to both allow mounting of an adapter and to stiffen the studs with the inserted screws.

Wheel Hub for Power Window Motor by Retroplayer is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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