Vise soft jaw strips


Vise soft jaw strips in three lengths; 63mm, 100mm and 120mm

All versions contain holes on the back to accomodate for rare earth magnets (5mm dia, 2mm thick)

Print preferrably in ABS because of strength. Also use an minimum infill percentage of 50% and enough brim to ensure no warping (i use 40 a line brim)

Vise soft jaw strips by winand is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alikelicense.

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STL FILE vise_jaw_plate_100mm vise_jaw_plate_100mm.stl
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STL FILE vise_jaw_plate_120mm vise_jaw_plate_120mm.stl
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STL FILE vise_jaw_strip_63mm vise_jaw_strip_63mm.stl
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