The Frog Dissection Kit


The MakerBot Frog Dissection Kit is the first 3D printable curriculum unit for teachers and their students to download and 3D print in the classroom. Now you can teach students about basic anatomy without having to deal with the yuck factor of dissecting a real frog!

This Frog Dissection Kit includes a lesson plan for teachers, digital files to 3D print a large, life-size frog body, and six 3D printed organs that fit together like puzzle pieces. Download the files, let us know how it prints, and stay tuned for more enriching educational experiences from MakerBot Academy.

The Frog Dissection Kit by Curriculum is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

Single File Downloads

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STL FILE Frog_Body Frog_Body.stl
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STL FILE Organs_Combined Organs_Combined.stl
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