Syringe needle uncapping and recapping device.


I have created a device which allows people who need to use syringes in there day to day life's to be able to do so safely. This design allows you to safely remove the cap of a syringe using the clamp feature and lets you put the cap back onto the syringe.

The regulations state that you must be able to put the cap back on a syringe using only 1 hand to ensure you don't accidentally stab your self.

Taking the cap off the syringe does require the use of 2 hand but one hand is used to clamp the cap while you use the other hand to pull the syringe out of the cap.

When taking the cap off, put the end of the cap under the first lip of the product, then clamp the cap into place using the clamp feature, this way it will make sure you get a good grip and the cap won't slip. The product will fit any length cap short or long because of the hole at the bottom of the product.

Please take great care using this design!

Syringe needle uncapping and recapping device. by squeekjjy is licensed under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license.

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