Studious Orc


A friend of mine asked if I had enough skill to take a model of an orc and give it a book. I added a throne because who likes reading while standing? I haven't gotten the chance to print it out yet, so I don't know how that will turn out, but I'll try and upload pictures when and if I do. I imported it into Simplify3D and didn't notice anything too horrible, other than the expected amount of support material.

I re-purposed the following models:


EDIT: Uploaded the standing stl. Also uploaded the .blend file so you can make him do whatever you want if you know how to manipulate bones in Blender.

EDIT 2: Noticed something weird was going on with the standing model that would have caused some issues when printing. Fixed them and reuploaded the model.

Studious Orc by bamhm182 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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