Stone RPi Tablet


This is a project to build a portable tablet using a Raspberry Pi as the computer hardware. The model isn't particularly impressive, but I was cutting those pieces out of granite tile so they couldn't be too complicated. I won't copy the full write up here, but you can see it on my site at:

I hope you like it!

I apologize if this doesn't really belong here. I post my other things on this site, so I figured I would post this as well.

Stone RPi Tablet by AssertiveWall is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.


Single File Downloads

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STL FILE Tablet_approx_screen Tablet_approx_screen.stl
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STL FILE Tablet_Case Tablet_Case.stl
144.64 KB
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STL FILE Tablet_Case_01 Tablet_Case_01.stl
15.27 KB
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STL FILE Tablet_Case_02 Tablet_Case_02.stl
14.14 KB
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STL FILE Tablet_Case_03 Tablet_Case_03.stl
31.75 KB
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