Sony action cam strap mount (Goggles mount)


The best way to mount your Sony action cam! Forget all the clumsy adhesive mounts on your helmet. This is the most refined mount out there for Sony action cams. The mount allowing you to keep the protective case on and at the same time keep the size of your camera to a minimum. It is easy to mount and fits the camera perfectly while the camera sits fixed safely around the straps of your goggles. IMPORTANT NOTE, this mount fits all kinds of straps up to 43mm in width. This makes this the perfect mount for so much more than just skiing. Mount it to you backpack, harness while kite-/windsurfing or hook it to your slackline for epic shoots!

Sony action cam strap mount (Goggles mount) by Daniel_Nilsson is licensed under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.

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