Skull Bowl


I hollowed the skull out in Meshmixer and performed the trephination and did the final touchup in 3dCoat. The print is done in white PLA on our SeeMeCNC Orion.

White PLA sometimes gets scuffed and discolored when sanded, and here it works to our advantage. After sanding the obvious layer lines away the model didn't look much like a 3d print anymore. I painted it with a couple coats of yellowish brownish acrylic paint and wiped the paint back before it dried completely. After this treatment it was downright creepy.

It is a good size for drinking tea out of your enemy's skull. If you want to drink mead you might want to size it up a little. The small size actually makes it extra creepy because it appears to be the skull of a child, or a leprechaun, or a sinister homonculus of some kind.

We talked about this thing and a whole lot more about 3d printing on the 3D Printing Today podcast available on iTunes, Stitcher radio or direct from the source at

Skull Bowl by Shapespeare is licensed under theCreative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

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