Retro Pie Box Version 2 – Portable Raspberry Pi Emulation Console


This is an update to my previous Retro Pie Box.

I've thrown in the new Raspberry Pi B 2 for good measure, simplified the entire design and created enough room in half the case to carry controllers, a mini keyboard, or a spare phone battery charger for additional play time.

If HDMI is plugged in, it will default to it, if not, the screen will turn on.

The main differences

The lid of the left side now holds the RPi, and has the USB/Ethernet available through the open side.

Power is now provided by a single 3.7v 6600mAh lipo battery instead of the complicated two battery system I had before. (This might need to be doubled up because of the power draw of the screen.

Charging is done through an Adafruit PowerBoost 500+

There is a power switch that goes white when on, and a reset switch that is green when USB power is provided and thus charging the battery/powering the system.

Last but not least is a funny problem. Now that the bottom is relatively empty, it tends to fall backwards due to the weight of the screen. I'm going to have to add a counterweight at some point soon.

Retro Pie Box Version 2 - Portable Raspberry Pi Emulation Console by NickRBrewer is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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