Replacement wheel for antique oak buffet


I have this cool old oak buffet that needed a new caster wheel so I 
printed one. The wheel is done in black PLA and is working great!
The trick to replacing a 100+ year old wheel is that it's old and it has 
worn down over time making the diameter smaller than it was 
originally. A standard sized replacement (if one exists) won't work 
because the other wheels on your furniture have also worn down 
and you don't want your furniture to be uneven or to wobble.
This is where having a 3D printer comes in handy. Just measure 
and print a diameter that matches the others. How great is that?
I printed 4 perimeters and 50% infill for strength, 0.2mm layers and 
no support.
The wheel itself fits a 5mm screw and is 17mm wide, and 33mm in 
diameter to match the other (original) wheels.
The first picture shows a closeup of the printed wheel. The second 
pic is the buffet (front wheel is the original, the back wheel is the 


Replacement wheel for antique oak buffet byES0602 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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