Rankine 3d Printable Vertebra


This is a 3d printable spine, consisting of 3 primary parts, a block, a link, and a connecting pin.

For assembly metal rods of roughly 1.5mm are also necessary. Small nails work for this purpose.

The holes are sized for metric 2 diameter wire, most bicycle hand brake cables, or miniature throttle cables work for this purpose.

There is also a second components which consists of a wheel and a bracket, to which a standard 37mm gear motor with a 6mm shaft can be mounted.

Rankine 3d Printable Vertebra by Rankine is licensed under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - No Derivatives license.

Single File Downloads

Name Type
STL FILE belt_hanger belt_hanger.stl
120.39 KB
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STL FILE Block Block.stl
167.56 KB
STL Download
STL FILE curl_link curl_link.stl
96.27 KB
STL Download
STL FILE Drivewheel Drivewheel.stl
266.34 KB
STL Download
STL FILE link link.stl
97.05 KB
STL Download
STL FILE Motorslab Motorslab.stl
118.44 KB
STL Download
STL FILE pin pin.stl
252.04 KB
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