Parabolic Heating System for Camping mobile use


With Flexible heatpipe technology you can comfortable warm your cup of tea in the morning without risk of bushfires. For producing the heatpipes u need good vakkuum pumps ask at the university or scientist in your naighbourhood. the rest you can solder with tools from the local tool supplier. The Programmcode for adruino NANO V.3 you can find here: . You will need some allegro stepper drivers, and some green light diodes for the lightsensor. You will also need Tripod and mosaik mirrors from the hobby store. i have used stepper motors this type: 17HS4401N. these are the 4v's think the 12v's would be better but dimensions are bit diffrent. It ist a early stage of development but improovments will follow, soon.

Have fun!

Parabolic Heating System for Camping mobile use by Cod is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

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