Olaf – I wanna build a snowman! remix


for pictures of this or my other work go to http://instagram.com/mstyle183
I have printer that makes good easy to remove supports. So i optimized this print to print on my printer...
I also created a base and added some pegs to the arms, head and base in order to stay together better.. 
also attached the nose to the face amd the buttons to the body to print it in one straight shot.. this way you only have 4 prints to print or can print them all in one shot.
thanks to original maker for your hard work i just thought it needed some improvement

Olaf - I wanna build a snowman! remix bymstyle183 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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STL FILE olafextras olafextras.stl
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STL FILE olafhead olafhead.stl
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