MultiPass From The Fifth Element


This is my attempt at making a Leeloo Dallas MultiPass from the movie "The Fifth Element". I've always wanted one of these so I built one for myself and hopefully for all of you. I built it in TinkerCad and the entire piece is 3D printable. The photos show it with a printed rod and corner circle. For better accuracy you may want to buy the corner circle at a crafts store or mold one and cast it in a clear tinted resin. Included in the label files you will find the Pass for Leeloo and a blank version you can put your own photo into. I did not do a Korben Dallas Pass yet but may in the future. The back of the pass as far as I know was never shown in the movie. The back in the file was pulled off the internet and was done by a different artist.

Enjoy your MultiPass!

MultiPass From The Fifth Element by Imirnman is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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STL FILE LensRod LensRod.stl
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STL FILE Full_multi_pass_All_Parts Full_multi_pass_All_Parts.stl
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STL FILE MultiPass_Main_Body_Split MultiPass_Main_Body_Split.stl
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