Mobius FPV Gimbal for DJI Flamewheel


Just finished my unplanned weekend-project.

This gimbal is based on my older mounting base that could be used as a replacement on the well known China Gimbal.

First I just wanted to add a surface to attach a transmitter for FPV to this thing. But then things went on and I decided to make a whole new gimbal especially for the Mobius Action Camera.
The whole thing is planned to fit my Up! mini and all its limitations.
I cannibalised my original China-Gimbal and used the motors, sensor and electronic parts.
The gimbal is not balanced due to the fact that I placed value on aligning the camera lens to the roll axis.
I printed my gimbal with PLA but have no experience if this will make problems if the motors get warm. So the safe way could be using ABS. (My gimbal is powered since 40 minutes right now, and everything looks fine ... no melting plastic here!! ;o) )
In my case the gimbal has a weight close to 170 gramms including motors and controller, but I used a very densed filling so that there is definitly a range to reduce weight (!).

Hope you like and print this thing ...

Mobius FPV Gimbal for DJI Flamewheel by Tomalinski is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

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STL FILE base_controller base_controller.stl
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STL FILE base_mounting base_mounting.stl
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STL FILE motor-clamp motor-clamp.stl
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STL FILE mounting_for_mobius mounting_for_mobius.stl
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STL FILE support_main support_main.stl
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STL FILE support_second support_second.stl
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