Minifig mass production


Print 4 Minifig's parts in one go, color sorted. No need for supports, you may want them on the heads because it can get a bit sloppy. But easily fixed with acetone dissolved ABS goop and make it look good again. The head on the photo is printed without supports, the damage wasn't all that bad.

Minifig mass production by jodroboxes is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

Single File Downloads

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STL FILE 4LEGOGUYS_armsbody 4LEGOGUYS_armsbody.stl
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STL FILE 4LEGOGUYS_headhands 4LEGOGUYS_headhands.stl
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STL FILE 4LEGOGUYS_hipspins 4LEGOGUYS_hipspins.stl
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