Mini-HexBit Multitool / Organizer


This was a simple project which started from a basic requirements of: organizing a collection of 1/4" inserts to service a multirotor at the flight site, and provide additional leverage on screws as necessary. This was a perfect supplement to a more traditional multitool like a Leatherman.

Starting from a block, I just added enough openings to support my needs. Then it got pretty handy, and started popping up near my 3D printer, glove compartment... etc.

Finally I needed expansion, or a means to expand and carry more bits. To allow for joining of the widgets, a peg and press-fit openings for 1/4" magnets (easily found on Amazon: were added. Should provide for infinite expansion and organization.

Hope it inspires folks to remix or print to use as-is.

**Beware - intended fit was tight for security... may require a pliers to pull bits out. Magnets require pliers to press-fit the magnets.

Mini-HexBit Multitool / Organizer by kcchen_00 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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