Martian Pyramid


This thing is my entry for the Mars Base challenge.

The pyramid is one of the most iconic, long standing structures on earth, it's stable triangular geometry has proven itself through the ages in ancient buildings around the world and it's weather resistance in tent and teepee designs.

This design focuses on looping essential systems into as many multi-functional roles as possible to ensure that the very limited resources are used and reused as much as possible.

  • Food will be generated through a closed aquaponics system providing a diverse, sustainable food options for the crew in a relatively small space. Located at the top of the pyramid where most of the sunlight will hit, augmented with secondary rays from the solar collector.

  • Energy will be produced from a mirror based solar collector, which will provide heating to the base as a byproduct. The simplicity of mirrors could be manufactured on mars to add to the collector as time progresses. A small nuclear generator for early base development and backup.

  • Water is stored in a central location around the main power room to absorb and moderate the heat. It's placement also provides the crew convenient access to water and if power fails, gravity will still allow a sprinkler system to function throughout most of the base.

  • High traffic rooms all have ample natural martian light to help with the crews extended isolation and confinement.

  • Ample compartmentalized doors in-case of failure or atmospheric breach.

  • Rooms can be configured for various science, engineering, recreational tasks. Free free to print furniture to decorate!

*This is intended to be an architectural cutout view, which is why the generator room and water storage is open and no roofing.

You can have 1-3 crew sections that slide into place, see photos.

Based on the proportions of the Pyramid of Giza.

IMPORTANT - read print instructions or suffer potential stringpocalypse.

Martian Pyramid by Valcrow is licensed under theCreative Commons - Attribution - Share Alikelicense.

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