LED Light Bar


I printed the head face down with no support. There is some filament that will hang loose. I just peeled it away. The fitment was perfect for me. I plan using 3M tape and mounting this light all over.
I made the base of the leg wide enough to use the 3M tape I listed below ( 1" wide )

I made the "extender" part to allow for the head be able to bend more

LED Light from amazon:

Double side Tape:

12/1/2014: Added an Alternative LED light head.

12/1/2014: Added Alternative Leg and Extender. The new parts now has a location to route the wire though.

1/18/2014: I realized I didn't publish the v2 stl files but sdoc. I uploaded the proper files now. The version 2 legs and extender works with the v1 head.

LED Light Bar by Korrupt3dazn is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alikelicense.

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