Hifi Speakers Based on the Linkwitz Labs LX Mini


I wanted to make a pair of speakers based on the highly-acclaimed LX Mini Speaker by Linkwitz Labs. These speakers have been called some of the best ever made and I really liked the DIY concept. They are a rather unusual monopole design that uses 4" plastic pipe for the bass enclosure with a upward facing 6.5" woofer, and a forward-facing full range speaker. The system uses a bi-amplified design with a 2x4 digital crossover to split the channels up and two T-class amps to power the drivers. The original design uses rather ugly rubber pipe junctions and metal clamps along with some other wooden parts to hold everything together. I thought this was screaming to be 3D printed.....

Here I present my design that uses 3D printed parts to house the drivers and make a more aesthetically-pleasing speaker. Also I wanted to use less-expensive drivers so that I could make the overall project cheaper. For comparison, the original design calls for drivers that cost over $400 alone (and upwards of $700+ once you add in the amps and crossover) - I wanted to create a kit that would cost only $400 total. For this money you will be listening to some of the finest quality loudspeakers available - that look super cool - and that you MADE YOURSELF.

What you will find about these speakers is that they present a very clean, uncolored audio field. Room placement is not as critical with these as with many other loudspeakers. They are especially good for listening to jazz and classical music. Google them to learn more and read reviews.

I hope you enjoy building them and listening to them for years to come.

(A disclaimer - I have no affiliation with Linkwitz Labs. This design is based on the LX Mini, however it is not taken directly from their plans. I have never seen the original plans nor even another LX Mini speaker in person. I have simply used the photos I've seen and designed something similar using my own drivers and components. What I have posted here works well with the drivers I have used. To use your own drivers or those specified by the original LX Mini plans, you will need to alter the dimensions of the 3D printed parts.)

Hifi Speakers Based on the Linkwitz Labs LX Mini by Bathys is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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