Grip Balancer Box for the eNABLE Raptor Reloaded hand.


MAJOR UPDATE: There's a new and improved version of this thing! It's at The new version is much smaller and should work just as well. I'm going to leave this up in case anyone wants to print both and compare the two.

This is an experimental replacement for the tensioner box on the Raptor Reloaded hand developed by the eNABLE group ( It provides adaptive grip so that each finger in the hand will adjust to the shape of the object being held.

The box was based on the whipple tree designs by Skip Metze.

UPDATE 2/18/2015: Fixed The box for the right hand. The spacing was wrong and the balancer would not have fit inside it.

UPDATE 2/17/2015: Hopefully all the manifold problems are solved now.

Grip Balancer Box for the eNABLE Raptor Reloaded hand. by JasonMBryant is licensed under the BSD License license.

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