Greek Temple Dice Tray



This is designed as a tray to keep your dice from going everywhere when you roll them during a game of D&D. It is a classy way to elevate your dice, and can even be used as a building for your characters to enter during play.

This design could easily be used as a display stand for something as well, or as a household decoration.

This is not designed to be printed as one piece. Print the roof and the floor then print six pillars, they attach with hexagonal pegs.

When you print this, please take a photo and submit a "I made this!" so everyone can see how it turned out!


This is designed to be printed on a 200X200X100mm 3D Printer. I would watch out for warping when you print it, because the floor and roof are large flat pieces that may curl up if you aren't careful. Print: 1 Roof 1 Floor 6 Pillars

This was modeled in blender from scratch.

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