FlashForge Creator Pro Spool Holder Nut Replacement


My flashforge unit came with broken nuts that were supposed to hold the spool holders in place. After super gluing them for a temporary fix, I figured it would just be nicer to model a stronger and thicker nut to replace them.

EDIT: Just added a new file for a version of the Nut with the correct thickness, the v3 is now the size of the original nut that comes with the printer, but it still has added a wider surface to better hold the spools in place.

FlashForge Creator Pro Spool Holder Nut Replacement by JonPinkerton is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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STL FILE Nut_w_Thread_v2 Nut_w_Thread_v2.STL
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STL FILE Nut_w_Thread_v3 Nut_w_Thread_v3.STL
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