Enclosure for Hesslerk’s Guitar Amplifier


I picked up this kit over the weekend as a day project and decided to make an enclosure for it.

It's a fun little build, and the directions are pretty straightforward; if you have any electrical talent you might be better off sourcing your own parts (this one even uses the same type of op-amp), but I'm allergic to wiring schematics so I ponied up for a full kit.

I don't have the proper bits to make large enough holes in an Altoids tin, so instead of going to the hardware store 2 blocks down the road I spent a couple hours designing this enclosure. I wanted to give the little speaker the best chance it's got, as its slightly underpowered, so it snaps quite snugly into place on the top and there are even standoffs to reduce vibration dampening from whatever surface you rest it on!

this is v1, I'll upload a few more parts tomorrow once I piece them all out

Enclosure for Hesslerk's Guitar Amplifier by rsheldiii is licensed under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.

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