Dungeon Fighter & expansions box organizer


These are token holders for Dungeon Fighter as well as the first 3 expansions. The 4th expansion is coming soon, so I'll have to see what has to be added.

The blue box is holding the meeple, main dices, as well as other tokens. The top cover is holding all the special tokens, so they're easy to find. The big green box is a dispenser for the buyable dices, the money and the black tokens. Tokens are reloaded from the top, when the fall on the bottom, there is a slight curve that pushes the tokens forward 1-2mm for easy retrieval.

I'll keep this thing as work in progress while waiting for the final expansion of the game.

Dungeon Fighter & expansions box organizer by Nicofr57 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.  

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