Dub Deco Orb


The Dub Deco Orb is a modular decoration for venues or homes. It uses:

  • (12) of the smaller size records.
  • (20) 3D printed connectors.
  • (1) optional mounting puck. This means you can up-cycle old vintage or damaged records to create hip deco---rative art on the cheap. Benefits:
  • Prints Easy
  • Recycle Old Records
  • Assembles Easy
  • Modular Potential for add-ons and enhancements
  • Hipsters love records I would imagine, adding a light in the middle would be quite easy for a cool stage effect at an album release party.

Once in college I worked for a truck docking company and got to see firsthand how many cases of products get broken in transit. Record labels like Ghostly International can re-purpose those damaged, warped, and returned records into cool art for their artist's shows.

I was going to rebuild it to be more dimensionally accurate, but it has been hanging in my studio for a few weeks and keeps collecting compliments. So I'm leaving it as-is :)

Dub Deco Orb by NoahHornberger is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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