Drano’s Multi-Tool (Untested) (With source files)


Caution - this has not yet been printed and tested.
If you want something perfect - wait till I test this.

Printed Pliers, and teeth are too small for slicer.
High clearance works well in ABS @100% fill.

Included are source files in inventor 2014 format.
If you need I can add original 2D DWG files
Take it - share it around and improve it - I'd love to see what you can all do with it.

This multi-tool is an early attempt to try and create a leatherman/swiss army style tool. I do alot of radio work, and also spend alot of time in the bush, so I have unusual requirements, such as non-metallic pliers.

This tool requires 2 X screwdriver "keys" that can be purchased at any Jaycar dealer for around $4, and they are intended to be housed in one side of the handles - I have made both handles identical to allow for more options.

Or get them from ebay:

Also included is a 5X micro sd card holder, Glow stick holder (77mmX7.5mm), and Insulation tape holder (for Nitto 20mm wide tape, but has some extra room)

Belt hook/loop options coming later.

inspiration for elements from this project have come from other thingiverse creations:

At last check - repetier host removed most of the plier's teeth when slicing. I'll fix this after testing hinge clearance.

You will also require a few 3mm nuts and bolts, and for the pliers, a 3mm nut, bolt, and two washers. Until I design a better method for securing them.

Drano's Multi-Tool (Untested) (With source files)by Dranoweb is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.