Cubicle Miniature Display


I wanted to make something to display minis at my desk. I decided to make a simple bracket to hang different types of scenery I could paint and place the miniatures on.

I always liked the doorway attack thing, so I used it as my test piece before I made the castle. The cool thing with the castle, since it has to be glued together, is you can stack as many middle tower parts as you can fit on the wall.

The displayed tower section was my prototype. I have revised some of the files.

Cubicle Miniature Display by brimstone326 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

Single File Downloads

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STL FILE Cube__Tower_VER2 Cube__Tower_VER2.STL
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STL FILE Cube_Bracket_Universal Cube_Bracket_Universal.STL
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STL FILE Cube_Shelf_Tower_BOTTOM Cube_Shelf_Tower_BOTTOM.STL
153.21 KB
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STL FILE Cube_Shelf_Tower_TOP Cube_Shelf_Tower_TOP.STL
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