Clock/elapsed time teacher


This Thing addresses a problem encountered when teaching "telling time" to children: the clock face is round but we talk about time as if it were linear. Elapsed time can be confusing, and then we get into digital clocks.

This clock face consists of 12 identical 5-minute segments, hinged at the corners. Also included are the hubs to assemble the clock, pointers to note a time by clipping to the edge, and a set of hands and the hub for them.

If an actual "face" is needed you can cut it out of foamcore; a regular dodecagon with ~183mm radius. The "hands hub" is a little longer, with a long part in the rear to poke into the center of the foamcore face.

See the "Instructions" tab for info on how to use this.

EDITED: because I forgot to upload the short hand, and also added a new pic showing the pointers (in red) printed and clipped to the edges.

Clock/elapsed time teacher by SuperInfraMan is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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