Castles of Mad King Ludwig Tile & Storage Trays


The boardgame: Castles of Mad King Ludwig, had literally nothing in terms of a storage or tile tray solution. So this is my first pass at a tile tray that can be used to keep all the tiles stacked. For storage I rubber band the cardboard piece on top to hold the tiles in place.

I'll be posting pictures soon, I've successfully printed both items and they fit great!

"Large_Tiles_Tray_Version1.stl" was the first one I created, and it is a little flimsy and the tiles are not super easy to pick up - I will be making a second version soon

"Small_Tiles_Tray_Version1.stl" was the second one i created with some of the changes I wanted from the Large tiles tray, this one worked out well!

Castles of Mad King Ludwig Tile & Storage Trays by DusterX17 is licensed under the Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license.

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STL FILE Small_Tiles_Tray_Version1 Small_Tiles_Tray_Version1.stl
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