Car Wheel Bearing Designs


Various bearings with different tolerances to test.
Please note that these are untested.
I will let you know my findings :).
225 = 0.255mm between Rollers and Races etc.

0.3mm Conical - Doesn't work rollers fall out.
0.25mm Conical - rollers do not fall out but rotate onto side. Works ok but more rollers needed with a smaller tolerance.

I'm a noob at bearing design for 3D printing so comments welcome.

Car Wheel Bearing Designs by TechBox2014 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

Single File Downloads

Name Type
STL FILE 3_bearing 3_bearing.stl
1.70 MB
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STL FILE 24_bearing_needle_roller_30d_ir 24_bearing_needle_roller_30d_ir.stl
880.94 KB
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STL FILE 25_bearing 25_bearing.stl
1.72 MB
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STL FILE 25_bearing_conical 25_bearing_conical.stl
14.76 MB
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STL FILE 225_bearing 225_bearing.stl
1.77 MB
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STL FILE 275_bearing 275_bearing.stl
1.71 MB
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