Arduino Driver Box for CNC Routy Shapeoko


Designed for OpenBuilds Routy CNC Router to be mounted on V-slot. Can be used with Shapeoko, Shapeoko2. All parts should just click on together. Driver part of the box got removable sides for easy wiring and cooling holes - two different designs included. Arduino with shield mounted to the bottom part with 4 M3x20 bolts and little spacers. Box is mounted onto V-slot with M5 bolts and T-nuts.

Electronics used:

Arduino Driver Box for CNC Routy Shapeoko byRafalVolks is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

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STL FILE ArduBoxTop ArduBoxTop.stl
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STL FILE ArduBoxDriver2 ArduBoxDriver2.stl
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STL FILE ArduBoxDriver ArduBoxDriver.stl
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STL FILE ArduBox2 ArduBox2.stl
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STL FILE ArduBoxSpacers ArduBoxSpacers.stl
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