Alien City – Full Boardgame


A set of printable pieces that allow you to play Michael Schoessow's excellent 2 player abstract Alien City.

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You will need at least 5 colors to print this game, or you will need to paint all these pieces
after printing.

In a neutral color (Black or grey):
5 copies of [tiles-4.stl] for 20 total tiles
1 copy of [flags-set.stl] for 3 flags each of two different types.
--Print these in a 6th color if you have one.

In Color A
1 copy of [dagan-structures.stl]
1 copy of [road-set.stl]

In Color B
1 copy of [vshori-structures.stl]
1 copy of [road-set.stl]

In Color C
1 copy of [hayan-structures.stl]
1 copy of [road-set.stl]

In Color D
1 copy of [malsak-structures.stl]
1 copy of [road-set.stl]

Slot all the printed roads into the depressions in the tiles, and find a box to throw everything
into. Congrats, you've got an Alien City!


Alien City - Full Boardgame by Hrusk is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

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