7-Color Torus


You may know that it is possible to color regions on a map using 4 colors so that no two touching regions share the same color. But did you know that on the surface of a torus, you need 7 colors? This object is the proof that you need at least 7. The proof that 7 is enough must be found elsewhere.

7-Color Torus by BonyJordan is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.

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STL FILE DoublePart1 DoublePart1.stl
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STL FILE DoublePart2 DoublePart2.stl
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STL FILE DoublePart3 DoublePart3.stl
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STL FILE SevenPegs SevenPegs.stl
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STL FILE SinglePart SinglePart.stl
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