40W Solar panel


Panel is made from 9pcs 6x6 inch mono cels (4.5W per cell).
From top its covered by 4mm glass, bottom is 3mm aluminium sheet. The gap between cells and aluminum sheet is filled with termopasta (for cooling), sealed with silicone. All mounting elements is printed - see attached files.
The panel is installed 4 weeks ago and still alive. It gives 0.6amps during raining days and up to 6 amps in sunny days. Hope then latter in summer it will produce up to 9 amps as promised by cells manufacturer.

40W Solar panel by glukz is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license.

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STL FILE panel_corner-v2 panel_corner-v2.stl
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STL FILE panel-bottom-mid-v1 panel-bottom-mid-v1.stl
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STL FILE panel-bottom-v3 panel-bottom-v3.stl
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STL FILE pipe-bottom-v3 pipe-bottom-v3.stl
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STL FILE pipe-top-v1 pipe-top-v1.stl
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